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Simulations of secondary contact after range expansion and a barrier to gene flow

posted on 2018-06-14, 13:01 authored by Johanna BertlJohanna Bertl, Michael BlumMichael Blum, Harald Ringbauer
We use coalescent simulations to investigate if DNA data sampled at present can provide enough information to distinguish between secondary contact following range expansion and a barrier to gene flow in an isolation-by-distance model.

The data was simulated with ms (Hudson, Bioinformatics, 2002). The command that invoked ms (including the seed) and the simulated data are provided. For each simulation, the ms output was parsed into two files that are directly used for the analysis.
100 unlinked loci were simulated, where each of them contains 100 SNPs. For each of the 100 demes, 4 or 20 chromosomes are simulated.
A detailed description of the archives and files can be found in readme.txt.


Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics: Austrian Science Fund (FWF): W1225-B20