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Serrano-Mislata_et_al_2017_ image_analysis

posted on 2017-07-26, 08:52 authored by Robert SablowskiRobert Sablowski, Antonio Serrano-Mislata, Stefano Bencivenga, Scott Boden

Image analysis software, original confocal image stacks, processed images and metadata used in the publication “DELLA genes restrict inflorescence meristem function independently of plant height” (authors: Antonio Serrano-Mislata, Stefano Bencivenga, Max Bush, Katharina Schiessl, Scott Boden and Robert Sablowski, from the Cell and Developmental Biology Department, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7UH, United Kingdom).

Zipped folders containing image files, metadata and cell measurements correspond to the images listed in Supplementary Tables S3 and S4 in Serrano-Mislata et al 2017.

To use the software, download and inflate the file "Supplementary software", then follow the instructions placed in ther subfolder "Instructions".


BBSRC grants BB/J007056/1, BB/J004588/1 and BB/M003825/1