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SU-EATABLE LIFE: a comprehensive database of carbon and water footprints of food commodities

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posted on 2021-05-07, 06:49 authored by Tashina Petersson, Luca Secondi, Andrea Magnani, Marta Antonelli, Katarzyna Dembska, Riccardo Valentini, Alessandra Varotto, Simona CastaldiSimona Castaldi
The Su-EATABLE LIFE (SEL) database is a harmonised compilation of carbon (CF) and water (WF) footprint values of food commodities, based on a standardized methodology to extract information and assign optimal footprint values and uncertainties to food items, starting from peer-reviewed articles and grey literature. SEL database is organized in different levels of information suitable for different users and purposes. An updated and harmonized compilation of 3349 carbon footprint values extrapolated from 841 publications (1998-2019) and 937 water footprint values extrapolated from 88 publications (2005-2018) represents the solid basis of the database and the most disaggregated level of information. Using a rigorous statistical approach we have created additional levels of data information which represent increasing level of CF and WF data aggregation, summarized into 85 typologies, 11 sub-typologies, 323 items data of CF and 72 typologies, 9 sub-typologies, 320 items data of WF. Moreover we have implemented an innovative methodological framework for uncertainty treatment and data quality assurance to attribute robust and statistically significant footprint values to food commodities. The complex sets of statistical evaluations, done for each informative level, are summarized into an easy to use datasheet reporting values of CF and WF of food items. Thanks to its multilevel approach and to the transparent procedure for data analysis and quality check, the database can be easily implemented and modified, fits different purposes and levels of expertise and provides a flexible science based tool operators, managers and researcher in the food sector.


LIFE16 GIC/IT/000038


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