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Dataset on parliamentary involvement in SDG monitoring

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posted on 05.04.2019, 08:51 by Fotios FitsilisFotios Fitsilis, Eleni ZisioglouEleni Zisioglou
This is the underlying dataset to an ongoing study regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The study sheds light on the engagement of parliaments to control implementation of SDGs. For this, institutional and non-institutional measures from several parliaments were evaluated. The two-dimensional matrix contains data on countries, intra- and extra-parliamentary conduct, control of the SDG budget and general comments. All references are to be found in the data file itself. The dataset has 154 entries, which correspond to 153 UN member states and Palestine, which has an observer status. The study was presented during the 2019 Wroxton Workshop of Parliamentary Scholars and Parliamentarians, 27-28 July 2019. A related paper has already been submitted for publication in a special issue on Post-Legislative Scrutiny of the Journal of Legislative Studies.