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posted on 2023-04-27, 17:32 authored by Hui Shan Wong, Md Zobaer Hasan, Omar Sharif, Azizur Rahman

Since November 2019, most countries across the globe have suffered from the disastrous consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic which redefined every aspect of human life. Given the inevitable spread and transmission of the virus, it is critical to acknowledge the factors that catalyse transmission of the disease. This research investigates the relation of the external demographic parameters such as total population, population density and weighted population density on the spread of Covid-19 in Malaysia. Pearson correlation and simple linear regression were utilized to identify the relation between the population-related variables and the spread of Covid-19 in Malaysia using data from 15th March 2020 to 31st March 2021. As a result, a strong positive significant correlation between the total population and Covid-19 cases was found. However, a weak positive relationship was found between the density variable (population density and weighted population density) and the spread of Covid-19. Our findings suggest that the transmission of Covid-19 during lockdown (Movement Control Order, MCO) in Malaysia was more readily explained by the demographic variable population size, than population density or weighted population density. Thus, this study could be helpful in intervention planning and managing future virus outbreaks in Malaysia.