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Roll Call Votes: United States House and Senate

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posted on 30.10.2015, 19:26 by Mason PorterMason Porter

In using this data, please be sure to cite

(1)  [source of original data; processed version distributed with permission of collators of original data]

(2) "Party polarization in Congress: a network science approach," A. Waugh, L. Pei, J. H. Fowler, P. J. Mucha and M. A. Porter, arXiv:0907.3509. [paper to cite for our processed version of the Voteview data]


Newly reprocessed data:

Raw data taken from voteview (voteview.tar.gz or 1-108, and get final 109 and 110 from voteview site).

The .zip file also includes Matlab code. 



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