Research Data Spring project pitches

posted on 18.03.2015 by Daniela Duca, Leigh Garett, Carlos Silva, Ernesto Priego, Matthew Addis, Timothy Miles-Board, Masud Khokhar, Hardy Schwamm

3D data workflow

RDM Administration Analytics

Enabling complex analysis of large scale digital collections

Develop a DataVault

Filling the digital preservation gap

Collaboration for Research Enhancement by Active Metadata

Use semantic desktop to capture contextual research data

Software re-use, repurposing and reproducibility

Unlocking the UK’s thesis data through persistent identifiers

Using Alfresco for management of research data

An Intelligent Data Cleaning Software Tool for Research Data

Giving researchers credit for their data

Cloud Work Bench

Open Source Database-as-a-Service with Data Publishing

Pushing Database Wiki out of the nest

DAF Case Bank

Extending the Organisational Profile Document (OPD) to cover RDM

Sound Matters: a framework for use and re-use of sound

Standards MetaProject

Distributed Knowledge Sharing Platform for RDM

A consortial approach to building and integrated RDM system - "small and specialist"

Project pitches for the following ideas: