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Reference dataset for sea ice concentration

posted on 04.03.2019, 12:51 by Leif Toudal PedersenLeif Toudal Pedersen, Roberto Saldo, Natalia Ivanova, Stefan Kern, Georg Heygster, Rasmus Tonboe, Marcus Huntemann, Burcu Ozsoy, Fanny Ardhuin, Lars Kaleschke

20190305: The 20190305 update (2.2.1) includes some updated CRREL-IMB based datafiles replacing a few empty files in the 20190207 version (2.2).

20190207: Note that there was a bug in our reading of the accumulated ERA-I fields in the original dataset. For time series analysis (CRREL-IMB and OIB-backtrack), please use the ERAreruns dataset now also available here.

In version 2.2 (2019-02-07) of the dataset and manual, this issue has been described and corrected. We recommend that all users use version 2.2.

The RRDP is a set of comma separated ASCII files which contain reference sea ice concentrations and/or other relevant data and co-located NWP data from ERA-Interim, satellite Brightness Temperatures (TBs) extracted from the AMSR-E/AMSR2 swath datasets, ASCAT, QuikSCAT, SMOS and SMAP data to be used to for ice concentration calculations and evaluations.

The dataset is easy to use by reading the files line by line, calculate Sea Ice Concentration from the given TBs and compare with the given reference SIC.

Please read the included manual for additional information


European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative, European Commission H2020 SPICES project