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Recordings of ten thousand neurons in visual cortex during spontaneous behaviors

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posted on 2018-05-21, 12:19 authored by Carsen Stringer, Marius PachitariuMarius Pachitariu, Charu Reddy, Matteo Carandini, Kenneth D. Harris
This data release contains the ten thousand neuron recordings used in Stringer, Pachitariu et al, 2018a. The code to make the figures in the paper will be available at

We encourage data users to fork this repository, or create their own repository inside MouseLand, where we will also be adding our future data and analyses. "Watching" the repository might be a good idea, since any new information about the data, analyses of the data, or publications using it, will appear there.

Some potential projects to do with this data:

1) peer prediction: how well can you predict a neuron from the other 10,000? can you beat our score?
2) face prediction: how well can you predict a neuron from the behavioral patterns on the face videos?
3) manifold discovery: can you find a nonlinear low-dimensional embedding? how low can it go?

If you use these data in a paper, please cite the original research paper, as well as this dataset using the figshare doi.


This research was funded by Wellcome Trust Investigator grants (095668, 095669, 108726, and 205093) and by a grant from the Simons Foundation (SCGB 325512).


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