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Radar tracks of bumblebee workers, 2019

posted on 2020-01-08, 16:39 authored by Joseph WoodgateJoseph Woodgate

Approx. 112 hours of harmonic radar recordings of displaced bumblebee workers returning to the nest in an agricultural landscape at Rothamsted Research, Herts. Data were collected from September - October 2019.

Data consists of approx. 605GB of data files in a custom format giving incoming signal strengths and associated timestamps. Data files will subsequently be processed to identify signals originating from transponders attached to bees and to extract their azimuth and range.

This data was collected as part of projects funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, under grant no. EP/P006094/1, Brains on Board.

This data is currently unpublished. All the processed track files will be publicly archived on publication. Please direct any enquiries to Joseph Woodgate,


Brains on Board: Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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