34 files

RAAAP-3 HIBARMA Associated Data Sets

RAAAP-3 HIBARMA Associated Data Sets (17 files in two formats: SPPS .sav, and Excel .xlsx).

Note that the Main dataset is in sepate figshare item.

AnyComments (identical)

AnyIssues (identical)

AreasWorkingIn (identical to RAAAP-2, not in RAAAP-1)

CareerDataset (lots more in RAAAP-3)

CurrentEmploymentStatusDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

CurrentEmploymentTypeDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

CurrentRoleLevelDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

EducationAligned (same as RAAAP-2, not in RAAAP-1)

EmployerDataset (same as RAAAP-2)

HighestQualificationSubjectDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

IdentityDetails (new in RAAAP-3)

ImpactDetails (simialar to RAAAP-2)

InstitutionCharacterDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

InstitutionTypeDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

OrgDepartmentDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

PD_OtherDetails (same as RAAAP-2)

PQ_OtherDetails (same as RAAAP-2).