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This repository includes data associated with the publication "Quantifying pyrodiversity and its drivers" (pre-print link below). Tabular data and a fit model are included in the pyrodiv_model.RData object. Four rasters of fire regime characteristics ("traits") used for calculation of pyrodiversity are included as geotif files. Fire regime trait rasters include: 1) Fire return interval (years)1, 2) Fire season (cosine of radians), 3) Severity (composite burn index), and 4) burn patch size (log ha)2. Data are limited to forested watersheds of the western United States and rasters represent a recency-weighted average of wildfire events (or intervals) between 1985 and 2018. Additional details about the creation of these data and model can be found within publication methods.


Supporting code:

1Given the limited temporal range of fire history data, fire return interval values should be considered minimums. These data are appropriate for relative comparisons (e.g. as a component of pyrodiversity), but not for quantifying absolute fire frequency across broader time periods.
2Patch sizes are calculated for HUC10 watersheds and subsequently merged in this dataset. Users may want to recalculate for analyses across watershed boundaries.