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Professors' Knowledge and the Teaching of Radiology at the Medical School of the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ): a Life Experiência, or Merely a Teaching Exercise?

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posted on 2021-03-24, 08:01 authored by Maria de Fátima do O' Corrêa Comes, Evandro Guimarães de Sousa, Hilton Augusto Koch

Abstract: This study reports on the teaching experience of faculty member., at the Department of Radiology, Medical School, Federai University in Rio de janeiro and the Clementina Fraga Filho University Hospital. A semi-structured interview with 24 professors allowed dassifying the different forms of knowledge accumulated by the faculty at the UFRJ. The conclusion was that the professors' knowledge always involved a social relationship, whether with studens, peers, family, and all those who Work and have direct or indirect contact with them in their daily teaching practice.


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