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Plling et al. 2017 UKB parents attained age GWAS

posted on 07.12.2017, 09:47 by Luke PillingLuke Pilling
Analysis of genotypes associated with parents attained age (lifespan) in the UK Biobank. If used please reference:

Pilling et al. 2016. Human longevity: 25 genetic loci associated in 389,166 UK biobank participants. Aging US

Results are from BOLT-LMM analysis of European participants, adjusted for age, sex, assessment centre and array type.

7 phenotypes:
* Mothers age at death
* Fathers age at death

* Mothers attained age (including alive parents)
* Fathers attained age (including alive parents)

* Combined parents age at death
* Combined parents attained age (including alive parents)

* [Binary] both parents reached top 10% of survival (>=90 mothers, >=87 fathers) vs. both parents died before age 80

>> For each analysis there is an accompanying GIV dataset. The UK Biobank sample was randomly split in half, and the analysis repeated. This is for use in Genetic Instrumental Variable (GIV) Regression analysis.

Fields are as follows
SNP: dnSNP name of genetic marker, if available
CHR: chromosome
BP: base-pair position on CHR (hg19 / b37)
ALLELE1: effect allele
ALLELE0: non-effect allele
A1FREQ: frequency of ALLELE1
BETA: effect size from BOLT-LMM approximation to infinitesimal mixed model
SE: standard error of effect size
P_BOLT_LMM: non-infinitesimal mixed model association test p-value