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Parkour Kong Vault Interviews

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posted on 03.10.2021, 17:24 authored by James AdamsJames Adams
Dataset from my Masters research project, titled "Using the Expertise of Parkour Coaches to Understand Parkour Movement: The Kong Vault", available online at

15 parkour coaches were interviewed about the parkour kong vault, to further understand how the vault is learnt, used, trained, and coached, for future studies. This dataset contains the full anonymised transcribed interviews from each participant.


Each interview is a separate .txt file, identified by the participant ID number. Within each, speakers are denoted by 'interviewer' and 'participant', separated with an empty line.

There are also .csv files that compile all the interviews into a tabular format, either by line or individual word, identified by participant ID, speaker, and line number. The line .csv also includes columns for the number of characters and words in each line.

Finally, participant characteristic info is also provided as a .csv file, which can be joined with any of the above data via participant ID.