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posted on 2022-09-22, 06:29 authored by Yongbo Liang, Guiyong Liu, Zhencheng Chen, Mohamed ElgendiMohamed Elgendi

The peer-reviewed paper associated with this dataset has now been published in Scientific Data, and can be accessed here: Please cite this when using the

Open clinical trial data provide a valuable opportunity for researchers worldwide to assess new hypotheses, validate published results, and collaborate for scientific advances in medical research. Here, we present a health dataset for the non-invasive detection of cardiovascular disease (CVD), containing 657 data records from 219 subjects. The dataset covers an age range of 20–89 years and records of diseases including hypertension and diabetes. Data acquisition was carried out under the control of standard experimental conditions and specifications. This dataset can be used to carry out the study of photoplethysmograph (PPG) signal quality evaluation and to explore the intrinsic relationship between the PPG waveform and cardiovascular disease to discover and evaluate latent characteristic information contained in PPG signals. These data can also be used to study early and noninvasive screening of common CVD such as hypertension and other related CVD diseases such as diabetes.