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Over-the-edge tables and reconstructions linked to the slimmed-down paper of Wanntorp et al. (2014), published in Taxon

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posted on 2020-11-02, 09:09 authored by Guido GrimmGuido Grimm
A collection of unpublished figures and tables, I generated for various submissions of

Wanntorp L, Grudinski M, Forster PI, Muellner-Riehl AN, Grimm GW. 2014. Wax plants (Hoya, Apocynaceae) evolution: epiphytism drives successful radiation. Taxon 63:89–102.

None of these have been included in the final version following the editorial decision; see also this post @ Res.I.P

What I was not allowed to show #2: Networks explaining molecular evolution in wax plants.

Content of the file collection

Additional file 6 — spread-sheet (xlsx) file tabulating primary sequence characteristics (group-informative site variations) of the main (genetic) intra-generic lineages within the wax plant genus Hoya. See ReadMe! sheet for further guidelines

Additional file 8 — spread-sheet (xlsx) file showing heat-map of (uncorrected) pairwise distances, group after major and minor clades as defined in the paper.

Original figures 5, 7, 8 — Figures lost during editorial process

Data.7z — Archive including the primary data matrices in (simple) NEXUS format. See ReadMe.txt included in the archive for file names and description of content

BSSupportNetworks.7z — Archive including the bootstrap support consensus networks (15% cut-off) for tested data sets in Splits-NEXUS format (can be viewed with SplitsTree; or in R using Phangorn library):
*2nr* -- 5'ETS and ITS1/ITS2 combined (basis for nuclear-inferred tree)
*2cp* -- trnH-psbA and trnT-trnL combined (basis for plastid-inferred tree )
*2p2* -- nuclear and plastid data combined; full taxon set: ...all; reduced taxon set:

Version 2: Added PDF of the related Res.I.P. post.