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OutFin, a multi-device and multi-modal dataset for outdoor localization based on the fingerprinting approach

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Version 2 2020-10-02, 21:21
Version 1 2020-04-02, 18:17
posted on 2020-10-02, 21:21 authored by Fahad AlhomayaniFahad Alhomayani, Mohammad H. Mahoor
OutFin is a novel dataset of outdoor location fingerprints, collected using two different smartphones. It comprises diverse data types such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular signal strengths, in addition to measurements from various sensors including the magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and ambient light sensor. The collection area spanned four dispersed sites with a total of 122 reference points. Each site is unique in terms of its reference points' number, arrangement, and spacing. A thorough description of the collection environment is provided in the form of an interactive map, that display information, such as RP coordinates (both ground truth and smartphone estimated), pictures of the collection sites, and building height and ground elevation.

(A paper describing the dataset in detail is available at:
(The python scripts used to validate the dataset can also be obtained from GitHub: