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Open Science Repository for 'On the Status and Future of Peer Review in Software Engineering'

posted on 22.06.2017, 07:44 by Lutz PrecheltLutz Prechelt, Daniel GraziotinDaniel Graziotin, Daniel Méndéz
The present repository contains the raw data and the instrument of a survey on the status and future of peer review in software engineering. The study is about the status quo and problems in the software engineering peer review process as perceived by members (authors and reviewers) of the ICSE community. The respondents report experienced problems and they contribute suggestions for improving peer review practices based on a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions. The survey was designed, carried out, and analyzed by Daniel Graziotin, Daniel Méndez, and Lutz Prechelt.

The present repository contains:
- a README.txt file,
- the questionnaire (questionnaire_structure.pdf),
- the collected raw data (including the answers to the open questions; anonymized_raw_data.xlsx),
- the results of the open coding (annotations and codebooks; anonymized_raw_data.xlsx and codebook.xlsx),
- the statistical and plotting R routines (statistical-plotting-routines.zip),
- and the resulting plots (statistical-plotting-routines.zip).

We applied the following anonymization changes to the raw data:

- Replaced any publishing venue with [XYZ]
- Replaced any name calling with [XYZ]
- Deleted demographic columns that could (in theory) help in doxxing participants (i.e., nationality, number of papers published at ICSE, number of appearances to ICSE PC)