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Number of total publications and percentage of open access publications for Dimensions and WoS, by country, 2015-2019

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This is the underlying dataset used for the country analysis regarding the percentage of papers in Dimensions and Web of Science (WoS), published between 2015 and 2019 that are open access (OA), regardless of mode of OA.

A paper was assigned a country affiliation based on the affiliation of the first author of a paper, thus each paper is only counted once, regardless whether the paper had multiple coauthors.

Each row represents the data for a country. A country only appears once (i.e., each row is unique).

Column headings:
iso_alpha_2 = the ISO alpha 2 country code of the country
country = the name of the country as stated either in Dimensions or WoS.
world_bank_region_2021 =
pub_wos = total number of papers (document type articles and reviews) indexed in WoS, published from 2015 to 2019
oa_pers_wos = Percentage of pub_wos that are OA
pub_dim = total number of papers (document type journal articles) indexed in Dimensions, published from 2015 to 2019
oa_pers_dim = Percentage of pub_dim that are OA
relative_diff = the relative difference between oa_pers_dim and oa_pers_wos using the following equation: ((x-y))/((x+y) ), with x representing the percentage of papers for the country in the Dimensions dataset that are OA, and y representing the percentage of papers for the country in the WoS dataset that are OA. In cases of "N/A" in a cell, a division by 0 occurred.

Data availability
Restriction apply to both datasets used to generate the aggregate data. The Web of Science data is owned by Clarivate Analytics. To obtain the bibliometric data in the same manner as authors (i.e. by purchasing them), readers can contact Clarivate Analytics at the following URL: https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/solutions/web-of-science/contact-us/. The Dimensions data is owned by Digital Science, which has a programme that provides no cost access to its data. It can be accessed at: https://dimensions.ai/data_access.


International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Science Granting Councils Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa program (project 109272): Open access in Africa: Indicators, infrastructure, and policies