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Museums and digital memory: from creation and curation to digital preservation. Conference programme 2018. Twitter Hashtags Data

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posted on 08.07.2019, 09:53 by Glenn Cumiskey

This dataset documents the Twitter hashtags data (#MADM2018) from the 'Museums and digital memory: from creation and curation to digital preservation' conference 2018.

The event was the first digital preservation conference held in the Museum sector in the United Kingdom. It was held in the British Museum on 3 September 2018.

This dataset was created by Glenn Cumiskey, Digital Preservation Resource Manager, the British Museum from Twitter following the conference close.

Additional Information:

In 2018 the British Museum's National Programmes team hosted its free annual conference in partnership with the Digital Preservation Coalition, thanks to the generous support of the Vivmar Foundation.

The conference explored the subject of digital content and its preservation in museums, with a range of lively workshops, discussion and debate shaped by contributions from colleagues across the UK.

Conference Scope:

The UK museum sector is making increasingly creative use of digital technologies in the way it records and disseminates information about its collections. These technologies and advances in museum practice offer dynamic and exciting new ways of engaging people with collections, but they also provoke urgent questions about how we manage and preserve all the digital content we’re creating.

Looking after physical assets in archives and collections is at the heart of museum work, but how do we do the same for our digital assets? What are the new skills museums need to safeguard digital content and how will we develop them?

This conference aimed to explore best practice in how we as a sector create, curate and preserve digital content – not just the exciting outward-facing side of digital technology in museums, but the often overlooked back-of-house digital preservation work that is essential to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of these efforts.

Central to the day was the question: if museums are memory institutions, how do we ensure that we maintain access to the digital memory that we’re creating now for our future audiences

Twitter hashtag: #MADM2018


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