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Manipulated Animal Community Database

posted on 2014-03-21, 21:52 authored by Sarah SuppSarah Supp

6,698 records indicated the presence and abundance of animal species, including representatives across trophic groups and size classes documented at 254 sites throughout the world, encompassing a variety of habitats. We accessed peer-reviewed articles, government publications, and theses that were freely available with the Utah State University library subscription and were published in English. We extracted data from articles that reported species-level abundance for a control community and at least one manipulated community. The data here represent a single data point each for the control treatment and the manipulated treatment(s) in each study. Data came from a wide variety of sites including artificial experiments (i.e., caged exclosures, habitat modules, nutrient addition) and human-mediated “natural” experiments (e.g., wildfire or controlled burn, logging, grazed plots, pollution). Sites represent all continents except Antarctica, and widely varying terrestrial animal groups (arachnid, insect, herpetofauna [reptiles and amphibians], mammal, and bird).