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Locations of 109 Archaic Greek settlements used in Rihll and Wilson 1987.

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Locations of Archaic Greek settlements used in RW87

T. E. Rihll and A. G. Wilson, “Spatial Interaction and Structural Models in Historical Analysis: Some Possibilities and an Example” in Histoire & Mesure, 1987 volume 2 - no.1. pp. 5-32.

These are derived from a digitisation of Figure 1 of RW87.

The best data set is for the full 109 sites including Vouliagmeni which is not named on this figure.See notes provided about this missing site.

The latest set of data given here ( with the full set of 109 sites was used in the paper
Evans, T. S. & Rivers, R.
Was Thebes Necessary? Contingency in Spatial Modelling. Frontiers in Digital Humanities, 2017, 4, 8.

Files now include further images and data sets derived from the core data e.g. latitude and longitude estimated for each site, graphml/Visone compatible files.

The initial version of this archive only found 108 sites and that data was used in T.S.Evans, R.J.Rivers, "New approaches to Archaic Greek settlement structure", to appear in Les Nouvelles de l’Archéologie, 2014. Files named RW108* are for that case.