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List of bona fide members of nearby, young moving groups

posted on 23.08.2014, 20:43 by Jonathan GagnéJonathan Gagné, David Lafrenière, René Doyon, Lison Malo, Étienne Artigau

This is a list of bona fide members to nearby, young associations, along with kinematic, 2MASS and WISE information.

Please cite Gagné et al. 2014 (see link) when using these tables.

Edit August 23, 2014 : I added a small IDL package to read the .csv tables into an IDL structure (read_csv_gagne2014_IDL_package.zip). Feel free to use it with this package. The syntax to use this routine would look like this :

IDL> struc = read_csv_gagne2014('/Somepath/Argus__Argus.csv')

And then you can view the structure content of the bonafide member #i with :

IDL> help,struc[i]

Or, for example, view all spectral types with :

IDL> print,struc.spt


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