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Lightning talks: 7 data sharing stories #SciData19

posted on 2019-11-18, 11:52 authored by Scientific DataScientific Data, Barbara McGillivrayBarbara McGillivray, Leo LahtiLeo Lahti, Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden, Graham Addis, Augusto Anguita-Ruiz, Georgia Aitkenhead, Connie Clare
Seven data sharing stories, in seven minutes or less. The video recordings, presentation slides and live scribe illustrations are included.


The citation advantage of linking publications to research data - Barbara McGillivray, The Alan Turing Institute and University of Cambridge

Bibliographic Data Science: Open Ecosystems for Scalable Collaboration - Leo Lahti, University of Turku

Reproducible Research - Why and How? -Yasemin Turkyilmaz-van der Velden, TU Delft

Research Data Management Using Open Source Off The Shelf Tools -Graham Addis, Nuffield Department of Experimental Medicine

X chromosome genetic data in a Spanish children cohort, dataset description and analysis pipeline - Augusto Anguita-Ruiz, University of Granada

Participatory Science to Empower: Building a Citizen Science Platform - Georgia Aitkenhead, The Alan Turing Institute

‘Open Science’ opens doors: How #Scidata18 helped me unlock career opportunities - Connie Clare, University of Nottingham