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Leuven Embedded Figures Test Context Shapes

posted on 2016-09-07, 07:06 authored by Lee de-WitLee de-Wit, Hanne Huygelier, Rebecca Chamberlain, Ruth Van der Hallen, Johan Wagemans
The context shapes of the Leuven Embedded Figures Test.

The context shapes are coded with a unique ID that indicates with which target shape they should be combined.

The target shapes are indicated by an ID ranging from: 000 – 063. The context shapes are indicated by an ID. The first three digits of this ID will correspond to a unique target shape. For instance, target shape “000” is made to be combined with the context shapes with ID code “000a”, “000b” and “000c”. The letter (ranging from a to c) indicates whether the shape contains the target or is a distractor: “a” always contains the target and “b” and “c” are always contexts that do not contain the target shape (wrong alternatives).