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Enron Dynamic Network

posted on 2016-04-29, 09:53 authored by günce keziban ormangünce keziban orman, Vincent LabatutVincent Labatut
Enron is a well-known dataset in network science and text mining. It has been widely studied in academia. In network science, several different static networks appear in the literature. However, up to now, no dynamic network has been published, even though the email conversations have timestamps.We processed the original dataset to extract a dynamic network, 

In original dataset, It contains 158 nodes representing Enron employees between 1997 and 2002. All the addresses in the From and To fields of each email are considered, resulting in a network of 28802 nodes representing a distinct email addresses. A time span of one month is chosen for the time slices, generating 46 time slices. Two nodes are connected if the corresponding persons emailed each other during the given time slice. We did not make any distinction between sender and receiver, and thus produced an undirected dynamic network.