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Environmental metabarcoding for monitoring benthic communities.

posted on 15.03.2017, 23:04 authored by Olivier LarocheOlivier Laroche
The files provided here are the raw fastq files used for the manuscript Laroche et al., 2017 "Metabarcoding monitoring analysis: the pros and cons of using co-extracted environmental DNA and RNA data to assess offshore oil production impacts on benthic communities." which currently under peer-review.

Environmental DNA/RNA samples were collected in the Tasman sea (New Zealand) from marine sediment in proximity to an offshore oil production platform. 

Amplicons were sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq platform.

The present files are demultiplexed fastq files of bacteria (16S) and eukaryotes (18S). 

In file name, BED = DNA sequences and BEC = RNA sequences, the following number (e.g BEC_43...) represent the sample number. R1 = forward sequences, R2 = reverse sequences. The taxa is identified at the end of the name file (e.g. _Bac.fq for bacteria and _Euk.fq for eukaryotes).

Please refer to the manuscript for additional information on the dataset.


"Doctoral research scholarship" (Grant ID ID# 184395, Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Natures et Technologies). "Internal Investment Fund" (Grant ID IIF# 15955, Cawthron Institute).


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