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Ischaemic stroke metaGRS

posted on 2019-07-02, 23:22 authored by Gad AbrahamGad Abraham, Michael InouyeMichael Inouye
A genomic risk score (metaGRS, a meta-score combining multiple GRSs) for ischaemic stroke, consisting of 3.2 million SNPs that had MAF >1% in the UK Biobank British white subset and imputation INFO >0.4 over the entire UK Biobank dataset.

Also provided is a version further excluding ambiguous strand SNPs (A/T or G/C), leaving 2.76 million SNPs. This score had very similar performance in the UK Biobank validation set in terms of association with age of ischaemic stroke.

The rsids, positions, and alleles are with respect to UK Biobank genotyping release 2 (hg19).

Also included are the SNP weights for each component GRS that contributed to the stroke metaGRS, as well as the weights for the metaGRS itself.

To apply the metaGRS scores to new data with plink use:

plink --bfile your_data \
--score metaGRS_stroke_IS_MAF0.01_INFO0.4_exclATGC.txt 2 4 18 header sum


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