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Influence of predation risk on prey assortative mating, Torsekar et al 2022, Data and R code

posted on 01.08.2022, 15:08 authored by Viraj TorsekarViraj Torsekar, Moshe ZaguriMoshe Zaguri, Dror Hawlena

Data behind the manuscript  'Predation risk regulates prey assortative mating by reducing the expected reproductive value of mates' that will be published in ESA Ecology in 2022

The manuscript includes data from a field experiment (we dug holes into the soil to attract wild isopods to found burrows and form pairs and measured their traits and their offspring traits) and behavioral experiment (we conducted a complementary experiment testing how predation risk affect reproductive behaviors of male isopods to gain a better  mechanistic understanding) performed at Avdat research station during 2019 breeding season. 

R code titled torsekar_etal_rcode includes analyses and figures that went into the manuscript.

Data files:

  1. 1F_iso and 1f_burrow_occupany_transition_rain contain data used for analysing burrow dynamics from the field experiment
  2. fe1_adult_data and FE1_embryo_area contain data used for analysing adult and offspring traits including assortative mating patterns from the field experiment
  3. prmc_behav_expt, prmc_behav_agg, prmc_behav_agg_summ, and prmc_behav_agg_burr_resident_context_summ contain data used for analysing the behavioural experiment


European Research Council grant (ERC-2013-StG-337023 (ECOSTRESS))

Israel Science Foundation grant (ISF- No. 1391/19)

Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program

BARD, the United States – Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund

Vaadia-BARD Postdoctoral Fellowship Award FI-600-2020