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Imperiled species threat and demography scoring

posted on 2021-12-27, 22:01 authored by Jacob MalcomJacob Malcom, Whitney Webber, Ya-Wei Li, Defenders of Wildlife CCIDefenders of Wildlife CCI
Data for the PeerJ manuscript, A simple, sufficient, and consistent method to score the status of threats and demography of imperiled species.  Preprint at

Consists of four tab-separated files written directly from the R data.frames used in the analysis:

FWS_change_spp.tsv: Threat and demography scores, as well as FWS status metrics, for 52 species in Analysis 1 of the paper. These species were either proposed for status changes by FWS (37 spp.) or were controls (15 spp.).

LDA_data.tsv: A reshaped dataset based on FWS_change_spp.tsv, for linear discriminant analysis in Analysis 1.

all_FL_spp.tsv: Threat and demography scores for 54 ESA-listed species from Florida, non-plant and FWS with primary jurisdiction.

FL_multiperson.tsv: Threat and demography scores for ten randomly selected species in all_FL_spp.tsv, with scores from five different people.