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IDBA-UD Assemblies of 16 Arctic Ocean Metagenomes from Cao et al 2020

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posted on 2021-10-13, 22:15 authored by Iva VeseliIva Veseli
This datapack contains anvi'o contigs databases for 16 metagenome samples from the Cao et al 2020 paper ( that were assembled using IDBA-UD as part of the anvi'o metagenomic workflow.

It also contains a tab-delimited metadata file derived from data provided in the Cao et al paper, describing the depth, sampling location, and public database accession numbers of each Cao et al sample (including the 16 assemblies within this datapack).

The database names do not correspond to the original sample names from the Cao et al paper. You can find the original sample names in the metadata file.

The size of the unzipped datapack is 6.5 GB.