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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Open Science - Tomas Knapen, Keynote Talk #SciData19

posted on 18.11.2019, 09:33 authored by Scientific DataScientific Data, Tomas Knapen
Tomas Knapen gives the second of the keynote talks at Better Science through Better Data 2019 (#SciData19) - his talk is entitled 'How I learned to stop worrying and love open science'. The video recording, presentation slides and live scribe illustrations are included.

Tomas is a cognitive neuroscientist whose research focuses on the role sensory topographies (visual retinotopy, auditory tonotopy and bodily somatotopy) play in the detailed organization of the human brain and cognition. For this work, Tomas uses state of the art 7-Tesla MRI techniques. Early-career experiences where he ‘failed to replicate’ previous findings have impressed upon him the need to make research reproducible from top to bottom. Because of this, his lab uses only open methods and puts all their data and methods online. Having invested in these methods, Tomas is convinced that, in the end, it is not a burden to perform open science, rather it provides researchers with great opportunities for ground-breaking science.