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HCP-MMP1.0 projected on MNI2009a GM (volumetric) in NIfTI format

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posted on 2016-08-05, 01:03 authored by Andreas HornAndreas Horn
Based on the Freesurfer version of the HCP-MMP1.0 parcellation (, I created a volumetric version of the HCP-MMP1.0 parcellation that was published by Glasser et al. (Nature, 2016).

Please note that this volumetric version should be used and applied with great care – and under certain circumstances only. According to the authors of the original work, this fine parcellation could not have been achieved on a volumetric basis but was only realizable using a multimodal surface-based analysis (and co-registration).
Thus, this volumetric version of their work is not ideally suited to be used for standard brain-mapping approaches that use (volumetric) nonlinear deformations. It is rather thought to be an accompanying volumetric version to the surface-based version. Also, it could be used for comparative purposes within MNI space (e.g. to compare it to other cortical parcellations available in this space such as the AAL, Hammersmith, AICHA, Mindboggle 101 atlases).

The conversion to volumetric space (projection to the ICBM 152 2009a NLIN version within MNI space) is based on the fsaverage version of the HCP-MMP1.0 available here (

See Matlab code file for details and/or to project to different MNI templates.