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posted on 12.11.2015, 11:50 authored by Anders BjørkAnders Bjørk, Lisathe Kruse, Peter Michaelsen

Place names in Greenland can be difficult to get right, as they are a mix of Greenlandic, Danish, and other foreign languages. In addition, orthographies have changed over time. With this new dataset, we give the researcher working with Greenlandic glaciers the proper tool to find the correct name for glaciers and ice caps in Greenland and to locate glaciers described in the historic literature with the old Greenlandic orthography. The dataset contains information on the names of 733 glaciers, 285 originating from the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) and 448 from local glaciers and ice caps (LGIC).

Current available version: V1.0

Dataset is available as:

1)Text file

2)ArcGIS shapefile

3)KML file