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Graphical Methods for Sharp Predictions. "Live" Lecture Notes - Amplitudes 2017 Summer School

posted on 11.07.2017, 22:15 by John Joseph Carrasco
Set of 4 lectures offered to the Amplitudes 2017 Summer School, hosted by the Higgs Center for Theoretical Physics in Edinburgh. Introducing a set of methods relevant for prediction in theories ranging from the absolutely formal to the utterly effective.

1. Graphs and Ordered Amplitudes
2. Multiloop Integrand Verification using Unitarity Cuts
3. Multiloop Integrand Construction
4. Color-Kinematics

Broken leg led to projected live-lecture typing in Mathematica, with some minimal cleanup post. Video available at reference link. Primary file is a Mathematica notebook utilizing ampGraphTools an open amplitudes library hosted on GitHub. Secondary file some prepared slides presented 1st and 4th lecture.


ERC-2014-STG Project ID: 639729 Strategic Predictions for Quantum Field Theories (preQFT)