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Golden-Gate compatible Magnaporthe oryzae Agrobacterium transformation vectors

posted on 2018-01-20, 17:07 authored by Helen PenningtonHelen Pennington, Mark Youles, Sophien KamounSophien Kamoun
The Golden Gate cloning system uses standardised parts to facilitate the assembly of multiple transcriptional units, to ensure that future work with these genes can be carried out with ease (Patron et al., 2015 New Phytologist, v. 208, p. 13-19).

We have developed the Golden Gate compatible vector pBHt2G-RFP (Addgene #107162) from the pCAMBIA-derived (Mullins et al., 2001) pBHt2G vector (Khang et al, 2010). The vector was domesticated through removal of BsaI cloning sites. An RFP-marker was inserted, which is expressed in E. coli, allowing for red-white selection of transformants. The marker is lost during the Golden Gate reaction, as it is replaced by the inserted transcriptional units.

Vector, sequence information and plasmid maps are available from Addgene