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Geographical Characterisation of British Urban Form and Function using the Spatial Signatures Framework

posted on 27.06.2022, 14:21 authored by Martin FleischmannMartin Fleischmann, Daniel Arribas-Bel
Spatial signatures characterise space based on form and function in a way designed to understand urban environments. This data product, part of the Urban Grammar project, contains a typology of spatial signatures in Great Britain. Each type has a distinct character capturing what the place looks like (form) and how it is used (function).

The data product contains bespoke Signature geometry with signature type, summary of input variables per each geometry and per each type, interpolation of signature types to OA and LSOA geometry and short pen portraits for the typology, shorthand descriptions of the characteristics of each signature type.

The interactive map showing the typology is available at https://urbangrammarai.xyz/great-britain/. More details about the project can be found at the project website https://urbangrammarai.xyz.


Learning an urban grammar from satellite data through AI

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