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Gene expression analysis of native and invasive populations Centaurea diffusa under control and drought treatments

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posted on 28.03.2015, 00:45 by Kathryn TurnerKathryn Turner

Mixed effects model analysis of gene expression for native and invasive populations of Centaurea diffusa (diffuse knapweed) in control and drought treatments, from three time points. From unpublished chapter of dissertation, contact me. Transcriptomes and array described in Lai et al., Am J Bot, 2012.


Table S2: Results from likelihood ratio tests for genes with significant model terms. LRTs are reported for each fixed effect term in mixed effect models of gene expression, for all 11,047 genes with at least one significant fixed effect (α=0.05). Q values corrected for multiple comparisons are reported for each LRT. TAIR 10 accessions (The Arabidopsis Information Resource; and GO term mappings are included where possible.