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Galician inflected infinitives: a dataset containing grammaticality judgements and sociolinguistic factors

posted on 2019-04-23, 17:24 authored by Maria Carmen Parafita Couto, Michelle Sheehan, Jeffrey Blokzijl, Martin SchäferMartin Schäfer
The data was collected between 2016 and 2018 with the help of an online audio questionnaire using qualtrics software. For further details concerning the purpose of the data collection and the analysis of the results, see the following two publications:

Sheehan, Michelle, M. Carmen Parfait Couto and J. Blokzijl
(to appear). Inflected infinitives in Galician. To appear in I. Vogel, T. Miller & K. Kostyzsyn (eds.), Selected papers from LSRL 47.

Sheehan, Michelle, M. Carmen Parfait Couto and Martin Schäfer (2019). Crowdsourcing and minority languages: the case of Galician inflected infinitives. Frontiers in Psychology - Language Science.

When using the data, please be sure to cite the data itself as well as the above mentioned publications where appropriate.

For the structure of the data, please see the README file. For the data itself, see the .csv file.