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posted on 22.01.2018, 14:08 by Peter Raymond
Data for Figure 2 of Raymond and Hamilton to LOL

The alkalinity data are provided by the New Orleans water treatment facilities (Carrollton Street Sewage and Water Engineering Plant in New Orleans LA and the Algiers Water Treatment Plant in Algiers, LA). The data prior to 2005 are presented and explained in Raymond et al. 2008. The newer data are publicly available. The discharge reconstruction for annual discharge prior to 2005 are also presented in Raymond et al. 2008 and are publicly available. For this study the monthly Mississippi River Basin flow was summed from the USGS stations “Mississippi River at Tarbert Landing” and “Old River Outflow” for the water years 1967-2015. It was found that for the period of 1968-1990 the Raymond et al. 2008 paper underestimated discharge by 3%, and these years were adjusted. For years prior to 1968 data from Raymond et al. were used.

Raymond, P. A., N. H. Oh, R. E. Turner, and W. Broussard. 2008. Anthropogenically enhanced fluxes of water and carbon from the Mississippi River. Nature 451: 449-452.