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Electrical recordings of two freely-swimming weakly electric fish (Gymnotus sp.) in a large aquarium

posted on 2017-02-08, 23:57 authored by Rafael Tuma GuarientoRafael Tuma Guariento, Thiago MosqueiroThiago Mosqueiro, Paulo Matias, Vinicius B Cesarino, Lirio OB Almeida, Jan FW Slaets, Leonardo P Maia, Reynaldo D Pinto
Please, cite: Guariento et al. Journal of Physiology-Paris (2017).
DOI: 10.1016/j.jphysparis.2017.02.001

In this dataset, we are sharing a time series of of electric pulses from dyads of freely moving Gymnotus sp. Because both fish are completely free to swim, the challenge is to detect which pulses were discharged by each of the fish. A rich repertoire of electrical behaviors can be observed, such as (i) offs (moments of silence) and (ii) chirps (small and noisy oscillations). This dataset was used in two of our most recent papers (see below).

For more information on this dataset and an example of Python script that plots these time series, click here.

Experiments with a single fish:
* - Unzipped: 2,3G 15o04000.abf.memampf32
* - Unzipped: 2,3G 15o04001.abf.memampf32

Two fish freely swimming in the same aquarium:
* - Unzipped: 7,9G 15o03000.abf.memampf32


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