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EEL human visual cortex 445 genes spatial RNA data

posted on 2022-09-21, 15:06 authored by Alejandro Mossi Albiach

Raw RNA locations of a visual cortex human brain section produced by EEL FISH for 445 genes.

RNA files are in the .parquet format which can be opened with FISHscale ( or any other parquet file reader (

RNA .parquet files

Position and gene label for all RNA molecules. 

"c_px_microscope_stitched" contains X coordinates. 

"r_px_microscope_stitched" contians Y coordinates.

The unit are pixels with a size of 0.18 micrometer. Multiply by 0.18 to get um scale.

"hamming_distance" is the hamming distance divided by the barcode length (16). The closer to 0 the better the barcode. 

Gene colors .pkl file

Pickled Python dictionary with gene colors used in the paper.