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Dose-volume histogram (DVH) parameters of the mandible for Normal Tissue Complication Probability modelling

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Data contains:
DVH parameters form the mandible:
- mean, minimum and maximum dose; D2%; D97%; D98%; D99%
- from D5% – with increments of 5% – to D95%;
- from V5Gy – with increments of 5Gy – to V70Gy.
- mandible bone volume

Clinical variables:
- age;
- Gender;
- tumor subsite (oral cavity vs. oropharynx vs. hypopharynx/unknown-primary/larynx/nasopharynx);
-T stage
-N stage
- smoking status (current, former, never);
- smoking pack years (continuous);
- post-op (definitive vs. postoperative radiotherapy);
- dental extraction (no/edentulous vs. dental extractions);
- chemotherapy

ORN values:
- Any grade (binary)
- ORN grade