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Dog movie stars and dog breed popularity (data)

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posted on 2014-06-04, 15:49 authored by Stefano GhirlandaStefano Ghirlanda, Alberto Acerbi, Harold Herzog

The moviesAnalyzed.csv file is a comma-separatede-value file with the
data used in Ghirlanda S, Acerbi A, Herzog H, "Dog movie stars and dog
breed popularity," currently under review at Proceedings of the Royal
Society of Lomdon, B.

The columns in the file have the meaning given below. When a piece of
information was not found or cannot be computed, it is given as NA
(see paper for possible reasons).

The quantities before[n], after[n], and effect[n] are calculated as
given in the paper.


dog: name of the dog actor

breed: the portrayed dog's breed

year: the year of movie release

title: the movie title

earnings1: movie earnings during the opening weekend (in 2012 USD)

earnings: total movie earnings (in 2012 USD)

disney: whether the movies has been produced by the Walt Disney Company

before[n]: the n-year popularity trend of the considered breed before
movie release

after[n]: the n-year popularity trend of the considered breed after
movie release

popularity[n]: average number of registrations for the considered
breed in the 2n+1 years around movie release (between n years before
and n years after)

effect[n]: the n-year effect of the movie on the breed's popularity trend

excess[n]: registrations of the considered breed attributable to movie
release (actual registrations over the n years after movie release
minus registrations predicted based on the trend observed n years
before movie release)

viewers: estimated number of people who saw the movie

viewers1: estimated number of people who saw the movie over its
opening weekend



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