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Distributed coding of choice, action, and engagement across the mouse brain

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posted on 02.09.2021, 13:22 authored by Nick SteinmetzNick Steinmetz, Peter Zatka-Haas, Matteo CarandiniMatteo Carandini, Kenneth HarrisKenneth Harris, Cyrille RossantCyrille Rossant
Data from "Distributed coding of choice, action, and engagement across the mouse brain" by Nicholas A. Steinmetz, Peter Zatka-Haas, Matteo Carandini, Kenneth D. Harris, Nature 2019.

ONE interface

UPDATE: September 2nd, 2021. The ONE interface has been updated. Users of the previous version are invited to redownload the archive and follow the instructions below.

The data can be easily searched and loaded in Python using the ONE interface. The API may be installed via pip:

pip install ONE-api

Notes about the data format :

To search and download this dataset:

from one.api import One
one = One(cache_dir='./9974357') # The location of the unarchived data
sessions ='trials') # search for all sessions that have a `trials` object
session = sessions[0] # take the first session
trials = one.load_object(session, 'trials') # load the trials object
print(trials.intervals) # trials is a Bunch, values are NumPy arrays or pandas DataFrames

For further documentation, see