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DepMap 20Q1 Public

Version 3 2020-05-07, 14:10
Version 2 2020-02-20, 19:52
Version 1 2020-02-03, 13:45
posted on 2020-05-07, 14:10 authored by Broad DepMapBroad DepMap

This dataset contains the results of Avana library CRISPR-Cas9 genome-scale knockout (prefixed with Achilles) as well as mutation, copy number and gene expression data (prefixed with CCLE) for cancer cell lines as part of the Broad Institute’s Cancer Dependency Map project. We have repackaged our fileset to include all quarterly-updating datasets produced by DepMap.

The Avana CRISPR-Cas9 genome-scale knockout data has expanded to include 739 cell lines, the RNAseq data includes 1270 cell lines, and the copy number data includes 1713 cell lines. Please see the README files for details regarding data processing pipeline procedures updates.

As our screening efforts continue, we will be releasing additional cancer dependency data on a quarterly basis for unrestricted use. For the latest datasets available, further analyses, and to subscribe to our mailing list visit

Descriptions of the experimental methods and the CERES algorithm are published in Some cell lines were process using copy number data based on the Sanger Institute whole exome sequencing data (COSMIC:, EGA accession number: EGAD00001001039) reprocessed using CCLE pipelines. A detailed description of the pipelines and tool versions for CCLE expression can be found here:

v2 changes: The sample_info.csv file in version 1 was missing lineage information for some cell lines. Version 2 corrects this.

v3 changes: UACC62_SKIN_CJ1_RESISTANT has been removed from Public 19Q4 Achilles files due to an issue with fingerprinting. Values for this cell line have been NAed in the following files: Achilles_gene_effect.csv, Achilles_gene_effect_unscaled.csv, Achilles_gene_dependency.csv, Achilles_logfold_change.csv, Achilles_raw_readcounts.csv.