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Demonstration Tray Data

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posted on 2019-07-18, 16:09 authored by Aran SenaAran Sena, Matthew HowardMatthew Howard
Data stored in a zipped ~1.5Gb MATLAB .mat file.


See [Sena, Howard 2019] for full details on data collection, summary below (link 1 in references).


Data formatted to follow similar internal 's' structure as [Calinon 2015] (link 2 in references).


Loads a struct 'groups'. Contains data from a 4 x 3 mixed ANOVA style study.

Condition 1: No Feedback
Condition 2: Replay Feedback
Condition 3: Batch Feedback
Condition 4: Selected Feedback

See [Sena, Howard 2019] for full details on test conditions (link 1 in references).


Data collected from novice participants using a Rethink Robotics Sawyer collaborative robot to perform a horticultural tray sorting manipulation task.


4 groups, one for each condition.
Each group contains:
- demos : Set of data collected from users
-- Each row in demos represents a participant.
-- Each column represents an attempt at the assigned condition.
-- Contains sub structs containing the experiment data for each attempt (demonstration data trajectories, etc.)
- repos : Set of data generated with TP-GMR model, as described in [Sena, Howard 2019]
-- Rows and columns same as demos, but all data is generated from the model.
-- Same sub structs as demos, except there will be 100 trajectories (one for each target plant in the experiment tray).


This experiment was conducted with ethical approval granted by King's College London Research Ethics Committee under LRS-17/18-5549.



EPSRC EP/P010202/1