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Deer-vehicle collision data for 23 states of the United States

posted on 2022-09-15, 18:43 authored by Calum CunninghamCalum Cunningham

Deer-vehicle collision data for 23 states of the USA, used in Cunningham et al (2022) "Permanent daylight saving time would reduce deer-vehicle collisions". Current Biology.

  • Identical data provided as .rds and .csv formats.
  • Data were provided by state Departments of Transportation or the Highway Safety Information System.  
  • The timing of collisions was either recorded exactly or in one-hour bins (centered). 
  • Data is at county-level resolution. "lat_CountyCentroid" and "long_CountyCentroid" refer to the centroid of a given county, whereas "Latitude" and "Longitude" denote the exact location of the collision (when provided). 
  • While we refer to the dataset as deer-vehicle collisions in the paper because >90% of reported collisions in the US are with deer, we note that a small proportion of collisions in this dataset are with species other than deer.