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Datasets of word network topic model

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posted on 2017-11-05, 03:01 authored by Jichang ZhaoJichang Zhao
Abstract: This dataset holds the content of one day's micro-blogs sampled from Weibo(
in the form of bags-of-words.


Data Set Characteristics: Text
Number of Micro-blogs:189,223
Total Number of Words:3,252,492
Size of the Vocabulary:20,942
Associated Tasks: short text topic modeling and etc.


About Preprocessing

For tokenization, we use NLPIR. Stop words and those with term-frequence less than 20 were removed. Besides,
words contain only one chinese-character were also removed.


Data Format

The format of released data is setted as follows:


in which each line is one document. [document_i] is the ith document of the dataset that consists of a
list of Ni words/terms.

[document_i] = [word_i1] [word_i2] ... [word_iNi]

in which all [word_ij] (i=1..M, j=1..Ni) are text strings and they are separated by the blank character.


If you have any questions about the data set, please contact:


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